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Whether you are a startup launching your brand new SaaS product or a large tech company penetrating a new market, I can you help attract and convert leads by directing larger volumes of highly targeted visitors to your site.

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Struggling To Bring Awareness To Your SaaS Product?

SaaS product wishlist

I understand the frustration that results from having a great product with unique features but struggling to get awareness among people who will actually benefit from your product. That's where an SEO specialist like me comes in. By building a tailored SEO strategy, I'll help you bring your SaaS product in front of the right people in major search engines that people use every day.

Having Trouble Becoming An Authority In Your SaaS Niche?

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In the SaaS industry there are plenty of alternatives customers can choose from. Why they should choose your SaaS product? What makes your tech product unique? By using data from customer searches, I will help you understand what best resonates among them so you can build a product that truly solves customer pain points. A tailored on-page and off-page SEO strategy will be essential to educate potential customers and spread the word about your SaaS product.

SaaS product preference

SaaS SEO Services That
Attract And Convert Leads

Whatever stage your tech or SaaS product is in the product cycle, I will help you implement a bullet-proof SEO strategy that will bring awareness around your business and convert cold leads into paid customers.

seo for it, tech or saas startup

SaaS SEO Services For Startups

seo for it, tech or saas startup

Launching a new SaaS product into the market can require a gigantic effort. But ensuring that potential customers will get to know your product is even more challenging.

That's why it's essential to involve a SaaS SEO expert from the beginning so to start bringing awareness from day one.

I will guide you throughout this process and will offer the best-in-class SEO solutions to ensure a smooth product launch for your SaaS business.

SaaS SEO Services For Large Enterprises

seo for large enterprise

Having a mature and established SaaS product is not an easy task. It requires you to stay on top of new trends and face competitions from new startups.

This is because more customers your SaaS product has, more are the chances to end up getting bad publicity or offer a bad experience to paid users.

By having worked with global brands in my SEO career, I know exactly how to help your brand to better educate customers, build a positive reputation and keep building an awesome product that solves daily challenges of your customers.

seo for large enterprise
seo for niche websites

SaaS SEO Services For Niche Websites

seo for niche websites

There's always a new technology coming in and there are new opportunity every day to build a new SaaS product that can serve customers better than established brands.

It can be very challenging to penetrate a new market though if you don't know where to start. And reaching potential clients using strategies established brands are adopting won't certainly help.

I have the knowledge to ensure you get the right SEO plan to penetrate your niche, no matter how specific it is.

my process

What's in my SaaS
SEO process?

1. Know Your Customers

Learning more about your customers is the best way to undertand the issues your SaaS product will solve. I'll leverage the best SEO strategy to understand your clients while keeping their needs in mind.

2. Website Architecture Review

I'll prioritise website architecture to improve customer experience and brand reputation through seamless navigation. This is the foundation of any site, especially for SaaS companies.

3. Keyword Intent Identification

I'll leverage the best keyword intent identification tactics to help you better fulfil the demands of users and tailor your landing pages and content to your objectives.

4. Keyword Clustering

Instead of just providing a simple list of keywords, I'll create semantically-linked keyword groups and clusters to dramatically improve the focus of your SaaS SEO strategy.

5. Landing Page Optimisation

For a more results-driven SaaS SEO strategy, it's essential to have always existing and new landing page optimised. This will make easier for your customer to understand your product and for search engines to better crawl and index your site.

6. Content Strategy

Having essential pages on your SaaS site, it's unfortunately not enough to be found by potential customers. I'll help you develop a quality content strategy to better educate potential customers about your SaaS product so to attract leads and increase sales.

7. Content Pruning and New Content

I will ensure that any content published on the site will be optimised for relevant SERP features including featured snippets. On top of that, I will help you define which content you will actually need on your site and which not.

8. SaaS SEO Audit

I will leverage all available resources, from structured data to core web vitals, so that search engines can easily crawl and index your website. Above all, each issue will be prioritised by time and effort required, not just a list of issues from an SEO software.

9. Digital PR and Link Earning

With many alternatives on the market, any IT, tech or SaaS website needs to become an authority in its space to succeed. I will use all the best SEO tactics to help you get featured in third-party publications and improve the awareness around your product and brand.

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